Friday, July 22, 2005

Is NY Housing Inventory Starting To Build Up?

Curbed passes along the following tidbit:

"Has anyone noticed that Corcoran's "newest listings" counter on their website is approaching 600, the highest it has been since I can remember. Granted that 516 West 47th Street accounts for a good percentage (about 25%) of that number but aren't new developments the norm now? Looks like those inventory numbers are finally going to shoot up, with new developments insulating the trend."


Blogger housegeek said...

Hello and thanks for creating this blog - NYC needs an antidote to housing hype.

I like to search the term "reduced" on nyc craigslist's real estate postings. 93 a couple weeks ago - up to 159 today.

A question - what neighborhoods in NYC do you think will be most affected when the bubble blows? Thanks

8:51 AM  
Blogger Peter Herman said...


Thans for the data point. I will check Craig's List and try to note these in the blog from time to time.



1:18 PM  

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